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Moscato d`Asti Surí Sandrinet - Moscato

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Code IT-003
Type of winetype of wineMousserend
RegionAsti - Piëmonte
Grape varietyMoscato
FermentationKneuzen, schilweking, persen, koude stabilisatie, vergisting op staaltank, tweede gisting methode charmant

Moscato d'Asti | Canelli regio | zanderige bodems | klassieke hart van deze beroemde wijn | zacht | fijne mousse | frisse zoetheid | zuiver 

2017 Moscato d’Asti Canelli ‘Suri Sandrinet’, Cassinasco – 5%, 150grams of RS, in 2017 their harvest was a month earlier, on 25 August vs 20th Sept in 2016. They are fortunate in owning the fresh SE facing ‘Suri Galle’ vineyard at 380m asl, that accounts for 60% of the final blend, while ‘Suri Sandrinet’ gives richness from its 320m asl, SW facing slopes (40%). Notes of pears & straw; very fine, distinctly Vermouth nose, with delicate, refined, nettly meringue, breezy, light on its feet, exhilarating fruit. As if one can feel the light, white sandy soils, the fossils & active calc. Yellow apples, golden delicious?!

– the ‘Canelli’ part indicates that Gianmario’s village Cassinasco is one of the 23 communes in the ‘Canelli’ sub-region famous for Moscato d’Asti; Canelli comprises 95ha, while Santa Vittoria (Roero) is only 2ha, & Strevi 0.5ha! Current total Moscato d’Asti production in 2017 was 35 million bottles. Cascina Cerutti accounts for 8k bts! –

Cascina Cerutti 

Gianmario Cerutti’s family own 6ha of prime sandy calcareous soils at Cassinasco, 320-380 metres above sea level overlooking the Moscato d’Asti & Metodo Classico capital of Canelli in the Langhe Astiani.

The family started to vinify their fruit in the 1930s before the first bottling in the ’70s. Gianmario graduated from Alba’s viticultural school Umberto 1 in 1992 & began working at the Coppo winery in 1997. They make Moscato d’Asti Canelli from two sites: ‘Suri Galle’ at 380m asl SE facing, e ‘Suri Sandrinet’ at 320m asl, SW facing on sandier soils.

His father Enrico breeds prize-winning canaries so the cantina shrills to birdsong, his mother makes a delicious ‘torta di nocciola’ (hazelnut cake), & his wife Anita works along her family at the excellent Ristorante Casa Crippa in Canelli. Essentially organic but will resort to chemicals if absolutely necessary.

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