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Kima Bianco - Cattarato & Viognier

Code IT-084
Type of wineWit
Grape varietyCattarato & Viognier
FermentationKneuzen, persen, vergisting op staaltank met het natuurlijke gist
AgeingStaaltank sur lie
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Cattarato & Viognier | noordelijk deel van Sicilie | kalkrijke bodems | gematigd klimaat | vergist en rijpt sur lee op staaltank | rijke mediterane aanzet | zilt | perzik | floraal | zacht | tropisch | goed inzetbaar bij schaal en schelpdieren  



Longtime experience, great determination and heartfelt respect for the territory: the Possente company interprets in the best possible way the natural wine vocation of the territory of Trapani, giving life to red wines full of intense flavour and white wines with authentic taste.

The Possente flag waves in the province of Trapani. In the biggest vinicultural area in Europe, at altitudes of almost 400 meters above the sea level, vines grow luxuriant, thanks to the typical mediterranean climate. Small portions of quality with their variegated morphology and their peculiar micro-climate. Along the slopes crossing the hills, sandy and chalky soils coexist. 37 hectares of vineyards, located between Alcamo and Salaparuta, in which the terroir gives an intense and strong taste to the wines. These are the territories in which Possente’s wines are born, becoming the expression of the vinicultural vocation which has always belonged to these places.
From the back-country to the coast, the territory of Alcamo is full of espalier vineyards, which are the expression of an ancient history having its roots in the 16th century. Even more ancient vinicultural traditions are those of the territory of Salaparuta, in which the first cultivations can be dated back to the Greek domination. The territories of Alcamo and Salaparuta, which are considered the most renowned vinicultural areas in Italy. 


Contrada Costa e Biastra

for a total amount of 2 ha of:
[ Catarratto] + [ Grillo ], planted in 2003;


Costa Vigne / Vigna del Principe

for a total amount of 15 ha at 380m a.s.l. with a calcareous clay and sandy soil that grows:
[ Sauvignon Blanc ]+ [ Syrah ] +[ Cabernet ], planted in 2004;
[ Nero D’Avola ], planted in 2003.

Contrada Pergole

for a total amount of 20 ha of:
[ Catarratto] + [ Grillo ]+ [ Insolia ] + [ Viogner ], planted in 2011;
[ Zibibbo ] has been planted in 2012 and will produce starting from the next vintage.


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