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Bianco di Ampeleia - Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grecanico & Ansoni

Deze wijn is op voorraad
Code IT-106
Type of winetype of wineOrange
Grape varietyTrebbiano, Malvasia, Grecanico & Ansonica
FermentationKneuzen, koude inweking, vergisting in een open tanks van cement/beton met het natuurlijke gist, persen
AgeingTank van beton / cement

massale selection 'grafted' op oude onderstammen in de heuvels van Roccatederighi | selectie gemaakt van oude Toscaanse witte druivenrassen | Trebbiano, Malvasia & Ansonica | één  week vergist met de schillen op tank | rijke wijn | licht oranje kleur | mediteranne geuren en smaken 

As we do every year, it is once again the time to share some thoughts and tell you what’s new at Ampeleia.

Like everything born at Ampeleia, the desire to express ourselves in a white wine was born out of the exploration – mostly on foot – of the land around the winery.

At a distance of 600 meters above the winery, there is a vineyard planted with old grapevines, of which we knew very little.

From there, in 2015, we took some shoots to graft over the vines at the same altitude.

After the first vinification in 2016, this experience taught us that the territory of Roccatederighi also lends itself well to the white grapes.

Every plot of land expresses itself to the fullest, vinified in cement vats, in contact with the skin for several days.

Ours is a path of exploration which we’re refining year by year as we strive to understand the expression of the vines, principally composed of Trebbiano, to which we add Malvasia, Grecanico and some Ansonica grapes, together with other varieties whose origins we have yet to discover.

The 2017 production was 6000 bottles.

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