Bericht uit Ribeiro van Coto de Gomariz, inclusief een prachtig artikel!

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Headline 1 : International Article about the Ribeiro wine region:  Ribeiro Article  

Headline 2: Coto Gomariz presents its new image.

Headline 3: Coto de Gomariz is the best value for money Ribeiro in the Penin Guide.

The new vintage 2014 of Coto de Gomariz is on the market a few weeks ago and It´s fashionable .

This classic quality Ribeiro renewed their style with a vintage label that is more suitable to the level of quality of the wine it contains. It is a label designed by us, the team led by Ricardo Gomariz Carreiro, who meant to convey that Gomariz is terroir driven wine. Simplicity and elegance define a nice label on white background where Gomariz is the protagonist.

This small Galician valley with a Swabian origin name in the slopes of the Avia and Arenteiro rivers.  Benedictine then Cistercian monks decided to install his farm a thousand years ago and found the Abbey of Santa Maria de Gomariz, which would be the first of the Iberian Peninsula with a civil building constructed exclusively for the production of wine. These monks who were the owners of knowledge in the Middle Ages, saw in this valley a special place to develop the “blood of Christ” for their offices, and that really helped to be close to God.

coto de gomariz 2014

Centuries later, in the late seventies of the twentieth century two other visionaries: Caco Carreiro and Arsenio Paz decided to recover these terraces for the production of quality wine, planting only native varieties in their properties “castes”, first together and then with separate ways. Pattern of excellence that still today the descendants of Caco and Maria Alvarez Serrano make in Coto de Gomariz cellar.

Extended the views of their parents, Ricardo Carreiro, son, assembles a team of professionals with a passion for the world of wine to get out this legacy to the top of the sector. Starting with the winemaker Xosé Lois Sebio, as anyone who plays these vineyards for years getting the better of them. Our Panoramix, sometimes irreverent, but with a brutal honesty, talks about the next vintage 2015, freshly harvested, with real enthusiasm and illusion, considering the best of the last ten years. The sales team and warehouse staff live with the same passion the Gomariz project, which certainly helps to work each day in pursuit of excellence.

The Peñín Guide gives us 93 in the Guide 2016, with 4 star rating the value, we have the highest rated wine in this aspect of the whole Denomination of Origin Ribeiro. Proud of the value of painstaking work to be recognized for showing the world that this valley has that special magic, that complex climate-soil-plant-oriented, unique and special in the world. That takes thousands of years here and we have a duty to pass through our wines. Transforming a gift of nature in a nectar of the gods is not just a job, it is an obligation and an honour.


Coto de Gomariz 2013 – 93 ****
Coto de Gomariz Colleita Seleccionada 2012 – 94
The Flower and the Bee 2014 Treixadura – 90 *****
Abadía de Gomariz 2011 – 91 ****
Gomariz X 2014 – 89
The Flower and the Bee Sousón 2014 – 89 ****
VX Cuvee Primo 2007 – 91
VX Cuvee Caco 2008 – 89

Viños de Encostas de XLSebio:

O Con 2013 – 93

Máis Alá 2013 – 92

Hush 2010 – 92

Salvaxe 2011 – 91

Coios 2012 – 90

Superhéroe 2011 – 89


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