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Tasting & pop-up diner : The new wine wave of Spain

Rioja by Olivier Riviere Alfredo Arribas - Portal del Priorat Turo d'en Mota - Recardo Adrian Zarzo Wlco Berends - de Nederlanden* Ribeira Sacra - Guimaro Dani & Fernando Staets Amsterdam Bio-dynamie @Recardo CAVA Vi de Terrer Samso 1911 - Portal del P. Mencia & Godello van Guimaro 7 september @Staets Amsterdam  'The new wine wave of Spain' Talentvolle gedreven wijnmakers zijn op [...]

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Galicië 2015, er komt wat moois aan!

Hi Martijn! How are you?. I hope you are spending a good Summer Time. Here you are some info about what´s going on in the vineyards:   Bloom went ahead because of the high temperatures we had in the months of April and May, with weeks where we reached 30 ° C. It is precisely because of these high temperatures [...]

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bericht uit de Pfalz van Alexander Pflüger

Good Morning Friends, as you remember, five (!) of our wines have been selected for the final tasting of "Best of Riesling 2015". It is one of the biggest Riesling Events in Europe, organised by the German Governement and with around 2000 wines from 500 producers a real position-fixing. These wines went through the Finals: 2014 Riesling Buntsandstein (4th vintage [...]

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