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0,5L Saussignac 2007 Réserve - SB, Semillon & Muscadelle

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Code FR-170
Type of winetype of wineZoet
Grape varietySauvignon blanc, Semillon & Muscadelle
FermentationWhole bunch press, zonder koude settling start de gisting op staaltank met het natuurlijke gist
AgeingEikenhout foudré 500L+

Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon & Muscadelle | late release van deze bijzondere oogst | groot jaar | prachtig ontwikkeld | klassiek intens zoet | goud oranje kleur | honing | tonen van edel rot

The Saussignac is a sweet wine, the high quality wine of our property. It’s elaborated from the oldest vines, the less productive. It’s the Botrytis Cinerea that allows us to obtain the necessary concentration to elaborate this noble rotted sweet wine. The manual harvest is done by successive picking. The effect of each vintage is primordial because Nature plays a crucial role in the development of Botrytis (noble rot).. The climate helps more or less the work of the winemaker... The average degree obtained by picking is a minimum of 17.5° (equivalent alcohol) and up to concentrations superior to 25 ° ! The average yield is around 15 hl/ha. After pressing, the juice is put into oak barrels where it will ferment and stay for 12 to 18 months.

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